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Aquatone Flame 12'6" SUP Only Orange

Aquatone Flame 12'6" SUP Only Orange

USD 409.95
USD 409.95

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Product Description

Aquatone says about the Flame 12'6" SUP Only

The Flame 12’6” narrow and extended outline combined with a pointy nose deliver great straight line performance with effortless glide allowing you to paddle long distances. The generous deck width and volume ensure a comfortably stable stance and easy handling. From flat water to choppy waves our FLAME boards are on another level when it comes to performance.

Product specifications
Dimensions (inch)12'6" x 32" x 6"
Dimensions (cm)381 x 81 x 15
Recommended user weight120 kg, max 160 kg
Volume339 liter
Recommended pressure15 psi
 - Aquatone Flame 12'6