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Cookie Policy OutdoorXL

We use cookies, javascript and web beacons (tracking pixels) on our website. In the first place we use them to make our site work properly and to improve our website, we also use cookies for online advertising. Because we want to protect your privacy and want to improve our site, we think it's important that you know why we use cookies, which cookies we use and how we use them. The acceptance of cookies is not a prerequisite for the access to our website. In the setting of your browser (i.e. Chrome, Explorer, Safari or Firefox) you can enable or disable cookies. Not enabling cookies at all may cause limited functionality of our website. Below we try to give you a detailed explanation in order to enable you to use cookies as you may find appropriate.

Who is responsible for the OutdoorXL website?

The OutdoorXL website is operated by Authentic Outdoor BV, a Dutch “Besloten Vennootschap” which is a limited company established under Dutch law. Authentic Outdoor BV is responsible for the OutdoorXL website and data. Authentic Outdoor BV is located at Aalborg 1, 2993 LP Barendrecht in The Netherlands. That is also where our OutdoorXL store is located.  During opening hours you can always call us if you have any queries.

How do we improve our website?

We analyse the data of our site and its visitors with Google-Analytics. Google Analytics is a service of Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, which is used worldwide. By using Google Analytics cookies, we can collect information about your visit to our website such as the pages you visit, the links you click and other functionalities you may use. With this information we can see which parts of our site are well visited, what information is not found and what visitors find interesting. For this we use analytical cookies on our site.

What cookies are

As stated in the cookie banner on our website we use different kinds of cookies on our website. Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer or device that hold certain settings and data for exchange with our system via your browser. There are session cookies, that are deleted as soon as you close your browser and temporary/permanent cookies that are stored on your data carriers for a longer period of time. We also use javascript and web beacons. Javascript is a frequently used scripting language for making web pages interactive. Web beacons are also called tracking pixels, very small images that, together with cookies, ensure that a system can collect information. Cookies and the other described techniques are used on almost every website.

OutdoorXL cookies

We use functional cookies to make our website work properly, for example for your shopping cart and the checkout process. For these cookies, your prior consent is not required since they do not affect your privacy.

We use analytical cookies to improve our website. We use the service Google Analytics to analyse our website. In this process we do not collect personal data, however Google Analytics collects data regarding your browse behaviour. Because analytical cookies have minor consequences for your privacy, no permission is required for the use of these cookies. These analytical cookies also include cookies that are placed and read by third parties on behalf of OutdoorXL, such as Google Analytics. Google offers a service to disable these analytical cookies on .

Third party cookies

We display advertisements on third-party websites. This may be done on the basis of your personal interest areas. For this we use advertising cookies from third parties, such as Facebook and Google, on our website in order to be able to show you advertisements that best comply with your interests. We do not receive any information ourselves through these cookies. They are used by these third parties to display advertisements on other websites. How these third parties handle your privacy you can find on a the respective third-party websites. See for Google  and for Facebook .

Unforeseen cookies

Because of the way the internet works and the possibilities the internet offers, it not always possible to control which cookies from third parties are stored on your device when you use our website. An example how this may happen is if website content such as a Youtube video that is stored outside our website is shown on our website. These types of content may also make use of cookies.

How you disable cookies

You can disable cookies in the browser settings (such as Chrome, Explorer, Safari or Firefox). In your browser settings you can also set that cookies will be removed automatically when you close your browser.

The analytical cookies used on our website and processed by third parties on our behalf, in our case Google Analytics, can be disabled with a browser plug-in that Google offers. You can download this service on

Do you want to turn off ad cookies from third parties? You can disable advertisement cookies on . Here you disable cookies for individual advertisement services.  As you will see on , there are many advertising parties. We use Google and Facebook.

What happens if you turn off cookies?

The functional cookies provide proper functioning of certain parts of our website such as the shopping cart and the checkout process. Without these cookies, for example, check out is not possible.

If you disable cookies that store settings and preferences, settings such as passwords, login name, and other data cannot be stored.

If you disable analytical cookies, the way you make use of our website will not be stored. During this process, we do not collect any personal data, only data on how the website is used. It will be harder to improve our website.

If you disable advertisement cookies, our advertisements that you may see on other websites are no longer tailored to your interests. It does not prevent you from seeing advertisements.

Privacy Policy

We think it is important that data from visitors and customers is secured and carefully handled. In our privacy policy we describe how we store and process personal data.

Changes in our cookie policy

We may change our cookie policy when legislation with regard to cookies changes, technologies  change or insights with regard to cookies change. You can find our recent cookie policy at the bottom of every page of our website.