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Pressol Nozzle For Pressol Jerrycan

Pressol Nozzle For Pressol Jerrycan

USD 5.99
USD 5.99

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Product Description

A loose spout for Pressol jerrycans. With venting to counteract clocks. The diameter of the connection is 6.7 centimeters and the diameter of the hose is 2 centimeters.

  • Loose spout for use on a Pressol jerrycan

  • Anti-clockwise vented spout

  • Easy to use

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Een losse tuit voor Pressol jerrycans. Met ontluchting om klokken tegen te gaan. De diameter van de aansluiting bedraagt 6,7 centimeter en de diameter van de slang bedraagt 2 centimeter.

  • Losse tuit voor gebruik op een Pressol jerrycan

  • Tuit met ontluchting tegen klokken

  • Gemakkelijk in gebruik

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Pressol says about the Nozzle For Pressol Jerrycan

A separate spout for Pressol jerrycans. Spout with vent to prevent gurgling. The connection diameter is 6.7 centimetres and the tube diameter is 2 centimetres.

Product specifications
Diameter6.7 cm
Height30 cm
Pack size6,5 x 6,5 x 30 cm
Weight 100 gr
4103810210891 - Pressol Nozzle For Pressol Jerrycan