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Ride Berzerker

Ride Berzerker

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Product Description

The Ride Berzerker has a medium flex and good carving properties on the slopes and with less speed in the area retains the Berzerker very good float. The medium flex makes the Berzerker a nice board if you have a playful driving style and gives you a lot of control to your carves and powder skills continue to perfect.

The Berzerker is the perfect daily driver for the playful all-mountain shredder that uses the entire resort.

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Ride says about the Berzerker

The Berzerker is designed by one of the world’s smoothest snowboarders, Jake Blauvelt. Jake wanted a board that matched his smooth and effortless style in all terrain and conditions. You'll be impressed at how smooth the transition between turns is because of the tip rocker and a small amount of taper in the tail that improves edge-to-edge speed and float in powder. The Tapered Quadratic Sidecut has been enhanced to improve stability and edge hold. Carbon Slimerods® 2.0 have carbon for pop and a urethane core to smooth out the landings. The Berzerker is built for an all-mountain rider looking for performance. Like a Viking longship, the Berzerker is designed to sail in the shallows or plow through the deep, cut through ice, and take you to snowboard Valhalla. Pay attention to the waist width, because the standard sizes run a bit narrow and are optimized for a smaller boot. The wide sizes are more mid-wide, providing a good option for the size 11, 12 or 13 boots out there. If you've got a bigger foot or prefer a wider ride, check out the Algorythm or Pig Series.

Product specifications
ProfileAdditional camber
TypePiste intermediate | pow intermediate | surfy | resort
886745967408 - Ride Berzerker - 153 886745967316 - Ride Berzerker - 156 886745992240 - Ride Berzerker - 157 Wide 886745969266 - Ride Berzerker - 159 886745968580 - Ride Berzerker - 160 Wide 886745967958 - Ride Berzerker - 162 886745967996 - Ride Berzerker - 163 Wide 886745969174 - Ride Berzerker - 165 886745967835 - Ride Berzerker - 167 Wide