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Scubajet PRO Overwater Kit (Fly READY) Black

Scubajet PRO Overwater Kit (Fly READY) Black

USD 1,699.95
USD 1,699.95

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Product Description

Scubajet says about the PRO Overwater Kit (Fly READY)

The Scubajet PRO Overwater Kit let’s you explore most Playground you can imagine. World’s smallest & most versatile water jet system: SUP, Kayak, Canoe.

1,000W SCUBAJET PRO jet-engine moves you up to 11km/h (7mph) in the water.

200Wh airline-compliant SMART BATTERY provides you with up to 2 hours battery life. The SCUBAJET concept offers stackable batteries for extended runtime. The smart battery modules are airplane legal | The High Density modules offer you more capacity in one battery.

* Modular | interchangeable tube sizes up or down to meet your needs
* Eco-friendly | E-technology ensures no harmful impact to the environment
* Automatic shut-off to prevent runaway

SCUBAJET Propulsion’s compact size and superior safety outperforms conventional prop systems.

Remote Control:
* BT link extends wireless connection for an interruption-free journey.
* Slide-in adapter – the most versatile plug and play solution on the market – mounts your SCUBAJET to your US or slide-in finbox in seconds.

The watch screen shows: Remaining time, Battery status and Speed


RC – Remote Controller

Product specifications
Battery lifeUp to 2 hours
Dimensions43 x 8 cm
Gebruik voorSup/kayak/kano/
Maximum thrust15 kg
Performance1000 w
SnelheidUp to 11km/h
Weight 3,7 kg
1000000441321 - Scubajet PRO Overwater Kit (Fly READY)