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    The tent is the central part of your camping equipment. The choice you make out of  all our tents depends on whether you are traveling by car, bicycle, backpack or canoe and how long you plan to stay in one place. There are tent accessories such as matching awnings and groundsheets, but also pegs and guy ropes.

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    Buy your new tent at OutdoorXL 

    Since 2005 OutdoorXL is your reliable store for buying a tent. We offer different types and models for every situation, composition and environment. In our store in Barendrecht we have a tent department of more than 4.000 square meters, where more than 80 different tents are displayed at all times. From the smallest throw pillows to the most extensive luxury inflatable tents for 10 people, all under one roof. Here you will also find event shelters, tarps, canopies and accessories such as canopies, footprints and rugs. In short: everything you need for in, around and under your new tent, for an optimal camping pleasure.

    What should you pay attention to when buying a tent? 

    That's quite a few things.  How much space are you looking for and for how many people? How many sleeping compartments do you want? How much height do you need? You'll have to figure that out for yourself before you buy a tent by looking at tents. Those are your personal choices.  

    The outer tent 

    The outer fabric of a tent is the largest and heaviest part of a tent. It largely determines the weight of a tent. Tent designers therefore choose the type of material very deliberately, both for large family tents and for lightweight touring tents.The most commonly used materials for an outer tent are: Cotton, Cotton-polyester (a blending fiber of cotton with polyester), Polyester and Nylon. Read more 

    The groundsheet 

    Footprints are an important part of a tent. They are a key factor in keeping wind, cold, water and vermin out of the tent. In family tents, a full cockpit groundsheet is actually the norm. The groundsheet of the tent is then fully zipped or stitched in place to form a permanent connection with the outer tent.  

    Types of tent poles (and inflatable tubes) 

    As with the tents themselves, there are also major differences between the different types of tent poles. We distinguish between the different types. A special and popular group within tents are the inflatable tents, which therefore have no poles, but tubes ... Read more 

    Different types of tents in a row 

    Besides the different materials, we also distinguish different types of tents. Below we go through the most common types with you. 

    Family tents 

    So many vacations, so many different tents. Family tents are tents in which you can stand upright that have least a sleeping area and a living area. Many family tents have a fixed canopy, that give the tent additional living area under the canopy. You can choose tents with poles or air tubes or a combination of both. The poles can be made of alloy, steel or glass fibre.

    Awning tents 

    The tents we group together as small tents, are mostly used as an extra tent with a larger tent or caravan. They have a living area that is subsidiary to the sleeping area of the tent. They are often small, but may size up up to 5 man models. Almost all these tents have fiberglass poles. The same counts for festival tents. A festival tent may often be a little less detailed since you do not stay as long in a festival tent as you may on a holiday. How much they weigh is not really important for these tents.

    Lightweight tents 

    Weight plays an important role in trekking tents. Weight, pack size and reliability determine the design and concept of lightweight tents. They are generally smaller tents. There are also tents that sleep 5 people in which you can stand upright, that weigh less than 8 kilos. These are also really light tents for their volume. The poles of lightweight tents are made of high-quality alloy, that is durable, strong and light in weight.

    Teepee tents 

    Teepee tents are tents with one straight pole, which look like ... a teepee. We also place a number of similar models with A-frames or multiple poles in the teepee category. As long as the tent feel is teepee-like.

    Campervan Tents

    For campervans you have special tents that attach to the van. Campervan tents are available with tent poles and inflatable tubes. There are many models to connect well to the height of a specific campervan.

    Tarps and canopies 

    For many tents accessories like awnings, tarps, extensions, groundsheets, carpets and rugs are available. The tent essentials like spare poles, pegs, guy ropes, tent hammers and products for the maintenance of your tent, you can find in the tent accessories category.

    Visit our store in Barendrecht 

    Do you live in the Netherlands ? Then you can find us in the picturesque Barendrecht, you can visit our camping store. As mentioned above: 4,000 square meters tent showroom, with always more than 80 tents set up, which you can feel, look at and compare.  

    Visit our store or contact us for advice: our staff is at your service 7 days a week and will gladly tell you more so that together you can make the best choice.