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    Outer tent

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    Car tents

    Cars are increasingly used as camping vehicles. Not only 4x4s and SUVs, but also ordinary cars become sturdy accommodations during holidays. There are roof tents and tailgaters for at the tailgate. For cars without an awning rail, there are even solutions for attaching campertents. These tents may fit on passenger cars, SUVs and highway 4x4s.

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    Passenger cars can that can be used as campingcars

    With a rooftop tent you can turn any car in a car-camper. Rooftop tents are available from less than 50 kilo in weight. So even the smallest Toyota Aygo or Volkswagen Polo can be equipped with a roof tent.

    Boot tents or tailgaters are designed to fit on the boot of the car and fit basically all station wagons. High models can be fitted with a tailgater to give you a lot of extra living space and a space to stand upright.

    SUVs and 4x4s are also often used as sturdy holiday vehicles. Cars such as a Land Rover Defender or Toyota Landcruiser are high all-terrain vehicles that, with a height of 190 cm to over 2 metres, have the connecting height of an average campingvan. But also MPVs such as Seat Alhambra, Renault Espace reach the connection height required for connecting camping tents.

    Tents and awnings for the side of the car

    Camper awnings may also be used on passenger cars as long as the car matches the connection height for the awning. Cars with a height from 170 cm may be suited to attach an awning.  There are many tents available. Below are a number of cars for attaching tents to the side:

    - Land Rover Defender

    - Toyota Land Cruiser

    - Volvo XC 90

    - Renault Espace or Scenic

    - Ford C max

    - Mini Countryman (disregard a few cm’s in fitting height that are lacking)


    Many awnings and tents require a rail on the vehicle

    To attach a tent to the side of your car, you need a rail (also called an awning rail). Campervan tents and awnings that are used to attach to the car have a tent pole. This string is designed to slide through a rail and to provide a solid connection between the car and the awning. Many cars are not equipped with a rail. But don't worry, there are connection kits. With these connection kits you can equip your car with a rail when you arrive at your destination.


    Connecting kits for the tents and awnings

    For cars and 4x4s without rail there are coupling sets. With these connection kits you can attach an awning rail to your car magnetically or with suction cups. You can attach awnings, tents or a hub to the rail.