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Curver Afwasbak Circular 4ltr

Curver Afwasbak Circular 4ltr

USD 3.99
USD 3.99

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Product Description

CU Dishwasher round 4ltr 01813.

Sturdy round washer. Easy to wear due to the wide edge. This container has a capacity of 4 liters.

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CU Afwasbak rond 4ltr 01813.

Stevige ronde afwasteil. Eenvoudig te dragen door de brede rand. Deze bak heeft een inhoudsmaat van 4 liter.

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Curver says about the Afwasbak Circular 4ltr

A solid round washing up bowl. Easy to carry because of the wide edge. This bowl has a content of 10 litres.

Product specifications
 - Curver Afwasbak Rond 4ltr