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Elan White Magic LS

Elan White Magic LS

The product you are viewing now (Elan White Magic LS) has been in our product range for a long time. We last had this in 2022. Unfortunately, this is no longer available.

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Elan White Magic LS
Including Elw 9.0 shift - black - 601.05690.030Binding

Elan White Magic LS

USD 279.95

This product is unfortunately no longer available.

Product Description

The Elan White Magic LS is a ski that puts comfort and confidence first. The White Magic LS is slightly wider under foot and provides very smooth handling. The White Magic LS turns easily and offers loads of stability at the same time. The wider waist of the White Magic LS helps you if the circumstances become more challenging and guides you through pistes with a lot of fresh snow or thick wet snow with little effort.

Whatever circumstances you may encounter on the way, the Elan White Magic LS is a real cruiser to make wonderful trips through the whole resort!

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Elan says about the White Magic LS

The Magic is the right choice for women who want to improve their skiing skills and are ready for the transition from sliding to carving. The ultimate in comfort, predictability and ease.

Magic is the versatile and easy choice for women who are looking to enjoy the slopes. A Parabolic Rocker profile simplifies the initiation of the turn, while Groove Tip technology helps you start each turn with less effort and more confidence, creating more opportunity for quicker progression. Deep grooves on the tip of the skis provide optimal tip engagement when it is needed the most, to feel confident from initiating to finishing a turn. Full Power Cap construction makes the ski lighter, easier to turn, and more forgiving. The Magic is extremely user friendly and enhances progress on the slope. Within every woman is a great skier, Magic helps them tap into it.

Product specifications
104 76 127
BindingElw 9.0 shift - black - 601.05690.030
Radius12.4m (152 cm)
RockerParabolic rocker
Sidecut127 / 76 / 104 (152 cm)
1000000436921 - Elan White Magic LS Blue-White 140 1000000436938 - Elan White Magic LS Blue-White 146 1000000436945 - Elan White Magic LS Blue-White 152 1000000464009 - Elan White Magic LS Blue-White 158