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Elan Wingman 78 Ti
Including Els 11.0 gw shift - black-green - 601.95610.020Binding
Dark Green-swatch

Elan Wingman 78 Ti

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Product Description

The Elan Wingman 78 Ti is a very versatile and sporty all-mountain ski for the advanced and expert skiers. The Wingman 78 Ti is wider than a normal sports ski, that gives it even more stability and offers the possibility to make some turns in the terrain outside the groomed slopes at the same time. It’s all mountain rocker construction also helps in the terrain.

The grip on icy snow of the Wingman 78 Ti is solid and it handles vibrations at higher speeds well. Fast carved turns on the piste are no problem for the Wingman 78 Ti, even when the condition of the slopes have become far from perfect. The Elan Wingman 78 Ti is also an ideal ski for the advanced and expert skier who wants to cruise on speed through the whole resort

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Elan says about the Wingman 78 Ti

Built for pilots looking to take performance to the next level, the Wingman 78 Ti has the stability and sweet spot that allows you to push the envelope.

When you need a reliable partner on the mountain, the Wingman 78 Ti is always ready to go. Designed and engineered with our Power Woodcore, Power Shell technology and titanium reinforcement to be strong and confident, a 78mm platform keep it nimble and quick and the Amphibio Truline helps you link perfect turns.

Product specifications
104 78 125
BindingEls 11.0 gw shift - black-green - 601.95610.020
Radius14.6m (168 cm)
RockerAmphibio rocker
Sidecut125 / 78 / 104 (168 cm)
3838855758381 - Elan Wingman 78 Ti Dark Green 152 3838855758398 - Elan Wingman 78 Ti Dark Green 160 3838855758404 - Elan Wingman 78 Ti Dark Green 168 3838855758411 - Elan Wingman 78 Ti Dark Green 176