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Hanwag is a hiking boots and mountain shoes manufacturer from Bavaria, Germany. HANs WAGner opened his own shoemaker store in 1921, just like his father. Soon he began to design and produce shoes himself and thus Hanwag was born. From 1921 to the present day, Hanwag stands for traditional craftsmanship combined with technical innovation, quality and a unique fit. From 1921 to this day, Hanwag stands for traditional handcrafted workmanship combined with technical expertise, continuous innovation, durability and tradition. For nearly 100 years, Hanwag have been making high-quality, functional mountaineering and trekking footwear at their headquarters in Vierkirchen near Munich. Together with experienced professional athletes – alpinists, trekkers and mountain guides – their shoe designers and developers create innovative footwear for outdoor use that is perfected down to the smallest detail.

Hanwag collection

Women's walking and hiking shoes Women's wintershoes and winterboots Winter shoes and snow boots Walking and hiking shoes
Women's walking and hiking shoes
Women's wintershoes and winterboots
Winter shoes and snow boots
Walking and hiking shoes

Hanwag Inspiration

The Hanwag Story
Hanwag - Zwiegenäht
Hans Wagner - A bootmaker's tale


The Hanwag fit is a legend in itself. Over nine decades of experience, superb craftsmanship, the best materials and sophisticated production techniques explain why. And this is further confirmed by regular feedback from customers and industry design awards. All Hanwag boots and shoes are made specifically for men and women, for a designated category or area of activity, using special lasts that have been continually optimised over the years.

If you have a Hanwag shoe in a particular size, it is not the case that all Hanwag footwear in that size will fit you. This is because we use particular lasts for particular types of activity.

Robust, durable and soledable

Hanwag has always had durability as a philosophy and therefore it applies its exclusively two techniques in the production to make really robust and long-lasting footwear: double stitching and the cemented construction. By continuing to use the double-stitched construction, Hanwag is also upholding a traditional handcrafted shoemaking technique that few other shoemakers still master. Thanks to their cemented or double-stitched constructions, all Hanwag models are fully resoleable, which resulting in a shoe that lasts longer with a good stability  and this is the hallmark of Hanwag.

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