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Kastle FX96 Women 19/20

Kastle FX96 Women 19/20

USD 729.95
USD 729.95

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Product Description

The Kastle FX96 Women 19/20 is a sporty ski for skiers who like to spend just as much time on piste as off piste. The FX96 Women 19/20 is a ski that combines true freeride spirit with a smooth ride on the groomed slopes. Whether you want to float through the powder, charge effortlessly through tracked snow or want to make carved turns on piste, the FX96 Women 19/20 does all it and with ease.

The FX96 Women 19/20 has lots of edge grip and excellent shock absorption. The superb flex and the rocker construction of the Kastle FX96 Women 19/20 offers exceptional manoeuvrability and handling in every terrain. If you want to have just one ski for all conditions and any terrain, look no further.

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Product specifications
119 96 133
Radius14m (164 cm)
RockerAll mountain rocker
Sidecut133 / 96 / 119 (164 cm)
Weight1700 gr/ski (164 cm)
 - Kastle FX96 Women 19/20 Petrol-Light Blue 156 8590694030107 - Kastle FX96 Women 19/20 Petrol-Light Blue 164 8590694030114 - Kastle FX96 Women 19/20 Petrol-Light Blue 172