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Nidecker Cascade
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Nidecker Cascade

USD 239.95
USD 239.95

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Nidecker says about the Cascade

The all-new Cascade is the foundation of our freshly redesigned boot line. It fits amazingly straight out of the box and delivers lightweight, flexible support on all terrain. A single BOA closure keeps things simple-to-use and affordable, with an asymmetrical upper section to give more support to the lacing system and allow you to adjust the tightness to your liking for maximum comfort. The B.F.T Gravity 2.0 outsole is the lightest in our range, featuring a tread pattern inspired by snowcats and two-piece construction that provides greater cushioning underfoot; the rubber toe-tip improves traction when walking on the snow or crossing an icy car park. Inside, your feet will stay toasty thanks to a Bronze-level liner that’s comfy right off the bat but which can be heat moulded for a custom fit. All told, the Cascade is an ideal first boot that’s forgiving enough to accelerate your progression and tough enough to last for years.

Product specifications
7630463441039 - Nidecker Cascade Black 7 US (39.5 EUR) 7630463441046 - Nidecker Cascade Black 7.5 US (40 EUR) 7630463441053 - Nidecker Cascade Black 8 US (41 EUR) 7630463441060 - Nidecker Cascade Black 8.5 US (41.5 EUR) 7630463441077 - Nidecker Cascade Black 9 US (42 EUR) 7630463441084 - Nidecker Cascade Black 9.5 US (42.5 EUR) 7630463441091 - Nidecker Cascade Black 10 US (43 EUR) 7630463441107 - Nidecker Cascade Black 10.5 US (44 EUR) 7630463441114 - Nidecker Cascade Black 11 US (44.5 EUR) 7630463441121 - Nidecker Cascade Black 11.5 US (45.5 EUR) 7630463441138 - Nidecker Cascade Black 12 US (45.5 EUR) 7630463441145 - Nidecker Cascade Black 13 US (47 EUR) 7630463441152 - Nidecker Cascade Black 14 US (48.5 EUR)