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Our working method is just like our vision of how a Outdoor store should be. An excellent Outdoor shop must give adequate advice about all the products and must show the customers how these outdoor products work. But the most important thing for an Outdoor shop is passion :  our employees themselves have a lot of passion for outdoor activities.

The range of outdoor products is huge, so if only the choices we must make each year to establish a good and affordable collection is a huge challenge. Many outdoor and camping products evolve each year. The products are getting stronger, more lightweight and the quality is increasing every year. Whether it is for tents, skis or other outdoor equipment : every year they are improving and innovating.

Because there are so many outdoor and camping products, it is important to have knowledge of the outdoor business and know what we are talking about. Fortunately, we like to test as much products as we can.  However, at OutdoorXL we do not think testing the products ourselves is enough. Throughout the year we invite outdoor brand suppliers and specialists to our store to discuss the products and new product development. And if possible, we go on the road with our suppliers to great locations to try out materials. The result is that we can provide the customer better, more relevant and more enthusiastic advice about all our camping and outdoor products. 

We like to invite you in our shop  in Barendrecht to convince you. Are you not able to visit our store? You can call or E-mail us 7 days a week with all your questions.