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Pakayak Bluefin 142

Pakayak Bluefin 142

USD 2,729.95
USD 2,729.95

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Product Description

Bluefin 142 is Pakayak's second generation premium packable kayak. This innovative hard-shell kayak packs down to just 42 inches in the included rolling bag. Pakayak's patented clamping system joins each section together with a durable water-tight seal in under 5 minutes. Proudly designed, molded and hand-assembled in the USA  

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Pakayak says about the Bluefin 142

Pakayak is the ultimate kayak. Go where you want, store it where you want, take it in your convertible, and paddle it just like a conventional kayak. Performance, Quality and Convenience. Packs to ¼ the assembled size and has excellent tracking and paddling performance

Our model is a hard-shell sea/touring kayak that packs down to 3 ½ feet.

• Assembled Dimensions: 170”L x 24”W x 16”H

• Nested Dimensions: 42”L x 24”W x 16”H

• Cockpit: 18” x 34”

• Material: plastic resin specifically formulated for kayaks

• Pakayak is a patented sectional kayak made of rotomolded plastic just like conventional kayaks. All 6 pieces fit inside each other to minimize the storage footprint. The Pakayak Bluefin 142 can be easily transported in a car trunk, elevator, cab, subway, ferry, or plane. It assembles in under 3 minutes. The sections are held together using up to ¾ of a ton of holding force to create a watertight seal. 2 bulkheads keep fore and aft compartments watertight for safety.


• Adjustable foot braces

• Foam seat and adjustable seat back

• Reflective safety lines

• Bungee deck rigging

• Bow and stern watertight bulkheads

• Bow and stern watertight hatches

• Bow and stern handles

• Rudder-ready


- an about 9cm longer cockpit with a total extension of about 5cm

- 100% stainless steel clamps for even easier release and improved corrosion protection

- reinforced backrest

- improved deck lining

- improved backpack straps on the transport bag

- improved CNC molds for even better shape

Performance Is Now Packable: Pakayak is everything you love about kayaking – only better. Fast, reliable, and portable. Our patented design frees you up to explore the waters of the world without the limitations of traditional kayaks.

Superior Speed & Paddling Performance: the Bluefin 142 is modeled after the Bluefin tuna – one of the fastest fish in the world. The patented hull design is lean and long to track well even in wind, waves, and current. Pakayak is the only kayak on the market that offers packability and enhanced paddling performance.

Ships Conveniently in a Box: gone are the days of kayaks taking weeks to arrive on large trucks. Your Pakayak will arrive neatly nested in a box. It even comes with its own wheeled bag. Unzip the bag and remove the pieces to assemble it in minutes.

No Room – No Problem: if you live in a home with limited storage space, elevator access limitations, or you travel in an RV, Pakayak gives you the freedom to finally own a kayak that fits in your life. Store it in a closet, bring it up the elevator, or bring it with you on your next RV adventure. Space is no longer an issue

Leak-free Seal Guarantee: multiple industrial stainless-steel clamps, each with 350 pounds of pressure, hold together the tongue and groove-shaped mating surface between each of the sections of the boat. A replaceable silicone gasket sits in the very inside of the groove keeping it completely watertight.
Goodbye, Roof Racks!

Bag To Boat In Under 3 Minutes: once you get the hang of the easy setup process, you’ll be able to assemble your Pakayak in under 3 minutes – without needing a second person to carry your boat to the shore. When you’re done with your paddle, disassembly is just as fast so you can be on the road again to your next adventure.

Product specifications
MaterialUv-resistent polyethylen
Load135 kg
Assembly time5 min
Length433 cm
Width61 cm
Pack size107 x 61 x 41 cm
Weight 28kg

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